Monday, January 17, 2011

DRY - Treatment

Augusten requested to attend a specialized rehab that was designed for people who are gay and lesbian. This seemed to motivate him to attend and take part in treatment.

DRY fails to provide much detail about Augusten’s treatment, although there seemed to be a lot of group therapy, which is typical of most rehab facilities. His extensive history of childhood abuse, although identified as a factor in his drinking, is not discussed as part of his treatment.

Augusten talks a lot about AA attendance when he returns to New York. AA seemed helpful for him, but unfortunately, he also met at the meetings, a person with whom he became romantically involved. Given this person’s addiction to crack cocaine, Augusten eventually ended up relapsing on both alcohol and crack cocaine. He continued to have a problem with both substance for two years until he returned to AA and became sober on a permanent basis.

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